Having a WordPress blog is a great thing, but it’s not just about writing content. The marketing of the content is equally important. This is where the WordPress social network plugin comes into play.

Social media plugins help you to add social media buttons on your blog page or website. 

There are various social media plugins available from which you can choose the best one for your blog or website.

Along with different choices, social media share plugins are also straightforward and convenient to install. Now let’s see how to install a WordPress plugin [Guide]:

  • Open the WordPress menu followed by Dashboard.
  • After this search for social media plugins and click on install.
  • After the plugin is installed, it also needs to be activated.

Without activation, the plugin won’t run. That being said, identifying the best social media plugins may seem a difficult task. You need to filter out the best one for you out of hundreds of options.

To make it easier, we will take a deeper look into the best WordPress social media plugins in this article.

The Top 10 WordPress social media sharing plugins

Let’s take a look at the various social media sharing plugins for WordPress and its features.

1. Social Snap

socialsnap.com wordpress social media share plugin

Social Snap is a relatively new social media sharing plugin that has pretty awesome features in its paid version. It also comes in a free version but does not contain many features.

Social Snap offers you more than 30 social network buttons for placement at several spots on the website. Along with this, these buttons are also available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Social Snap also allows changing the metadata by which you can change the look of the content. You can also scrutinize the performance of each content structure with dashboard analytics. There are various other features that Social Snap offers like:

  • Click to tweet box
  • Boost old posts
  • Social login
  • Device targeting
  • Social Media Icons
  • Social auto poster
  • Advanced Analytics
  • social followers

Social Snap contains various other options like share hub or sticky bar apart from inline buttons and floating sidebar.

You can also keep a check on the number of shares as it supports both total and individual share counts.

Price: The paid version of Social Snap starts at $39 and with all the add ons, its for $99.

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2. Monarch

monarch elegant themes wordpress social media share plugin

Be it a pop-up or a floating bar social share. Monarch has got you covered in all aspects.

Developed by Elegant Themes, this plugin gives you access to gorgeous share buttons that can be placed almost anywhere on the page. 

The motive behind developing this plugin is to increase the sharing ratio of your content. It is designed to look cool and attractive to the user’s eye. Plus, the lightning-fast speed of sharing won’t take up much time of the user. 

Here are a few features for this sassy social share plugin:

  • Automatic pop-ups offer an engaging and interactive experience
  • Automatic Fly-ins may be similar to pop-ups, but they are more triggering and provoking
  • Custom scroll settings to allow the pop-up to present itself at a certain point.
  • Supports more than 20 social media networks, Images, and video embedded share buttons.

And since Monarch is a part of Element Themes, downloading the whole theme at $89/year fee will give you access to Monarch and other Elegant products by the developer or LIFETIME access for $249/year..Now that’s what I will call a deal.

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3. Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress

The Easy Social Share Buttons plugin offers a long and comprehensive list of features. With a buttload of features along with functionality depth, it has not given anyone the chance to say no to it.

Starting from the basic features that this plugin has been:

  • more than 50 social networks
  • +28 different positions where the social sharing buttons can be placed.
  • more than 50 premade templates to try.
  • +25 animations that would make the website interactive and catchy.

It doesn’t end here. Many other cool features will trigger you to get this social sharing plugin.

This plugin comes at the top when you are looking at the highest number of options for increasing your social awareness and activities.

It can be said that for some, the long list of options is a bad thing, but it may also depend on your needs and requirements. 

It’s after the share action feature will allow you to forward a message to the user. This can be anything from an appreciation message to an email newsletter opt-in. All in all, this plugin has amplified the social presence of numerous users.

Price: of just $20 and the features that plugin has, it seems that you will be getting much more than what you bargained for. 

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4. Social Share and Locker Pro

Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin
Social Share and Locker Pro plugin was built for the reason to bring in more number of shares for your website.

Regarded as one of the most comprehensive and wide arrays of plugins, Social Share and Locker Pro offers some in-depth features and options for your content sharing.

This includes Content locker, different sorts of sharing buttons, and much more. 

Listing out some of its features:

  • Up to 60 social media networks
  • Smart Targeting will help you customize the sharing options. You can edit the users who share your content, allow users from certain search engines, WP roles, and login status to share or not to share.
  • Fully Responsive share themes
  • Share Counter

Apart from this, this plugin has made social sharing a vital activity for better engagement and attraction. The backend analytics can further help you streamline your sharing options based on the trends. 

price: $20

Get Social Share and Locker Pro

5. Kiwi Social Share

Kiwi Social Sharing wordpress Plugin

Kiwi Social Share is a

social sharing plugin that offers placement in some of the best locations on the page. From top to bottom and from left to right, you can place your buttons on any side.

Further, these buttons can take the form of floating bars or can be set as a simple bar. 

Let hear about some more features of this WordPress social sharing tool:

  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Various tweeting options like Click to tweet, tweet the selected text, among others.
  • Kiwi media plugin also has a shortcode manager for when you need to add customized options.

Indeed, Kiwi does not have a whole lot of options to customize the sharing buttons.

However, it still provides that level of efficiency which is forwarded by other similar plugins.

Price: Free

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6. Sassy Social Share

WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Sassy Social Share

All throughout the WordPress community, Sassy Social Share has some of the best and most comprehensive features that come with its free version. This plugin has got a 4.9 rating out of 5.

This means that you will be looking forward to various features and perks that are not found in other similar media sharing options. From Facebook to Baidu and Linkedin and everything in between, you will get access to more than 100 such networks. 

Let’s find out more with some of its features:

  • Button and style customizer
  • Customized sharing options from URLs to pages>
  • Analytics (but it is present in the paid version)
  • Shortcodes and Widgets

If that’s not all, you will be able to further improve the sharing elements with the help of paid add-ons.

This includes share count recovery and integration of myCRED.

Price: Free, paid add-ons are paid (each one)

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7. Jetpack

Jetpack wordpress plugin for sharing content for all major social media sites

Looking for a free social share button plugin? Well, that would be the cue for Jetpack.

This plugin has simple share buttons, and it will give you various exciting features to work with.

Starting from sharing options for all the major social media profiles, this plugin will give you an easy and straightforward process. 

Here are a few features for Jetpack:

  • Seamless content integration combined with simplistic designing
  • Highly recommended plugin having compatibility with several CMS
  • A lightweight plugin that will not hamper the page speed
  • Jetpack may not give you extensive options to further glorify your page and add some extra charm. But what it will provide is enough options for the reader to share the content.

Price: Free, More features paid

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8. Sumo

Sumo pop up and social share wordpress plugin

Sumo brings you yet another proactive plugin in the form of Share.

It comes free if you buy the Sumo pack, but you can also download it separately.

Sumo share has an abundance of features and elements to help you decorate your content page with cool-looking social sharing icons and Sumo popups.

Other than this, you will benefit from higher traffic retention because these buttons will not disrupt the reader’s attention. 

Let’s find out what Sumo has to offer:

  • Allow your content to be shared on more than 65 networks, including Facebook, twitter, 9and whatnot.
  • Apply the buttons on any device, mobile, or desktop.
  • Smart Share Mode identifies the most popular sharing platform and then arranges the buttons as per the popularity.
  • Easiest setup with drag and drop featuring

If you want to go up a level, then you can also get Sumo Share Pro. It has some next-level features like historical analytics data, UTM tracking, and share buttons optimized for mobile. 

Price: Free, More features includes email marketing for $49/Month

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9. Social Buzz

Social Buzz WordPress Plugin - Social Share Graphs

Social Buzz is simple, it is effective and a non-disturbing social icons plugin that will help the readers share your content with ease.

This plugin comes with a feature to add a social sharing graph to every post. This graph plays a mind game in the user’s head and tells them the popularity of the post further triggering an action taking behavior.

That is why Social Buzz has a high usage rate among other such plugins. 

A few features to know more about Social Buzz:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Stylish social share buttons that look attractive and resonate the page style
  • Choose from three styles that are built in the plugin
  • Supports all sorts of browsers and media channels
  • Can be customized

The benefit of the graphical data is that you can easily strategize your blog post and its structure according to the share rates.

This helps you get a fair idea of what type of post is being shared mostly and which not.

Social Buzz is also known to have the best customer support. In the end, you will be looking at a higher audience for your blog than expected. 

Price: $21

Get Social Buzz

10. Ultimate Social

Ultimate Social - Easy Social Share Buttons and Fan Counters for WordPress

Ultimate Social is known for its large range of button styles and extensive sharing options.

You will get various options for the placement of the social sharing icons.

Depending on your strategy and requirements, place them either on the top of the page, or even bring them down to the bottom. Also known for its speed and efficiency in working. 

A list of the noted features:

  • Up to 10 channels can be added with the premium version
  • You can also add the share count below each button
  • Customizable social share buttons to ensure that they are in perfect sync with the theme
  • Enhanced compatibility with several plugins. This includes WooCommerce, bbPress, Exchange, Jigoshop, Visual Composer, and Google Analytics.
  • Support for multiple languages.

All in all, you will have some great options to enhance your social media presence. Using this medial plugin means that you will get a higher proportion of traffic from all the channels that you include in your posts.

Price: $20

Get Ultimate Social

How to pick the best WordPress Share Button Plugin?

Although you have a list of 10 fantastic social share plugins, there is no need to install them all for your website.

It will only slow things down and make a big mess for you. And it is my duty to help you figure out which is the best plugin for your page.

I know doing this along can be a bit overwhelming, but not if you understand your requirements and then follow the information given below. 

Factors that should be considered before choosing a plugin

  • Performance:

    As I have said before that you do not want your page to get stuck or load slower. It will only increase the bounce rate and would not

    allow the reader

    to read it, let alone share it with others. So, the first thing that you need to look for is the performance of the plugin. Take a performance test and notice the time. If it is slower than expected, install the plugins named GTmetrix and Pingdom speed test. These plugins are used to test and monitor the performance of your site. Take a performance test again, this time your site will load a bit faster, and you will also get the details regarding factors affecting the speed fo the site. Hence, you now know what to do to make its performance better.

  • Variety:

    Next up is the variety of social media channels that are provided with the plugin. If you are active on only a handful of networks but have a plugin that has more than 50 options, it won’t make sense. So, identify your desired social media channels and then look for a plugin that has all of them and go for it. 

  • Placement:

    Where do you want to place the buttons also matters. You may want the readers first to read the whole article and then allow them to share it with others. Some people like to send in the sharing cue after a specific point on the page. And others like to put the buttons right on the top. It all depends on where you want to place them and then choose the plugin which has that placement option. 

  • Features:

    Want some extra features like analytics, button customization, pop-ups, or even fly-ins? Well, you will get all of these options in some of the other plugin. For instance, Monarch has a fly-in option, and Social Snap has the analytics feature. Likewise, you will get some unique and efficient features in various other plugins listed above. So, choose wisely and go for the features that you really need and not want. Because we want everything, but we only need the essential things to survive, aren’t I smart to talk about philosophy in WordPress. 

  • Button Styles:

    I have kept it at the last because styling can be customized with almost every plugin on the list. There are a few plugins that have some amazing button styles which are highly attractive. 

What is the best paid automated social media plugin for WordPress?

When it comes to paid social sharing plugin, Social Snap is the best.

This plugin has a lot to offer in terms of button styles, placement, device targeting, and various other proficient features to enhance your social media activity and performance. 

What is the best free social media plugin for WordPress?

When it comes to the free version of Social media sharing plugins Sumo and Jetpack will take the top spot. Although they are free, these plugins will not compromise on the features front.

You will still get the major social networks to share content on. The placement options are available, and the performance is also top-notch. 


So, here we are at the end. After discussing the top WordPress social media plugin, you will understand the value they provide to your page.

Increasing your popularity on social media converts to a higher number of leads and opportunities for business growth.

Choose the right kind of plugin and do not hesitate to try a few because you do not know which placement position, a button style, or social network options may work with your blog.