WordPress plugins like Sumo can help you grow your website traffic significantly. Such plugins offer tools and apps that allow you to get the most out of your blog pages.

They make it much easier to keep track of visitors, build mailing lists, manage banner ads, and automate many website functions allowing you to focus on content creation.

In this blog post, we will review The WordPress Plugin Sumo. We will look at its salient features, pricing, interface control, and how hundreds of websites have used the software to reach new heights.


1- Log in to your website’s WordPress Admin Dashboard.

install sumoapp plugin

2- Select Plugins > Add New. Search for Sumo and then click Install Now.

install sumo wordpress plugin

3- Click Activate Plugin to finalize your plugin install of Sumo.

how install sumo wp plugin

4- Click Settings within the plugin list or on Sumo within the dashboard.

how install wordpress sumo

5- Click Connect to attach your account to access your Sumo tools.

install sumoapp guide

6- Enter in your Sumo account information or create a new account.

installing sumo popup plugin wordpress

7- Yes, you are connected! Now click on My Apps to access your tools.

install sumo plugin tools

8- Upgrade to Pro by clicking on Store from your WordPress Sumo Dashboard.

wordpress sumo plugin dashboard

Sumo – The Basics

At first, Sumo might appear just to be a WordPress plugin. However, it is much more than just that. It is a library of software tools that are compatible with different operating platforms.

It contains powerful apps that help you build a mailing list, on-site visitor analytics, and social media connectivity for sharing information on your network easily. The software also allows you to improve communications with your visitors, boost traffic through SEO optimization, and lets you have eCommerce functionality on your website.
sumo plugin integrations
It is a one plugin solution that allows you to convert your website into a booming business with ease. That is the long-term goal for your website after all.

The Goal of Your Website

Bloggers and website owners can often lose track of things that really matter for their website in the long run. Of course, everyone wants to build a great website that people love to visit.

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But what exactly does building a great website entail? Well, it is sort of like baking cakes; hundreds of cakes that you want to sell.

Four Goals that You Need to Set For Your Website

There are four main areas that your website should focus on if you want to keep blogging for a long time and make it your career. If you are only doing it as a pastime hobby, then you don’t need to worry about these four things.
sumo plugin tools
Everyone else, read on.

Mailing List

First, your website should help you build a mailing list of people or customers who are interested in what you have to offer. Blogging online without focusing on building a mailing list is like baking hundreds of cakes every day without telling anyone that you have them for sale.
sumo plugin grom email list popup
Your efforts will simply go to waste and you won’t be able to build a following without a mailing list.

This is an area where the Sumo plugin can be of great help. The plugin allows you to set prompts and popups for site visitors asking for their email addresses.

The plugin can also be set up to trigger once the visitor scrolls down to a specific point on the page. It allows you to display a fullscreen window asking the customer to press a link or enter their email address. The Sumo list builder feature is great for building an email list quickly.

Another software that is equally good, if not better, for building and managing mailing lists is MailChimp > The software can also be integrated with Sumo for best results.

Data Analytics

Second, you need to have a way to monitor and analyze your blog and website visitors. You want to see what flavor of cakes people like and what kind of customers you are getting.  This will help you adjust your baking style and offer better cakes suited to client needs.
sumo plugin statistics
If you use Google Analytics for monitoring site traffic, then the Sumo plugin will make your work easier. It displays all the important website analytics in your WordPress dashboard and you don’t have to visit Google Analytics to check the data.
sumo plugin google analytics
It has a content analytics tool that shows you how much of your posted content visitors read and where they back away or leave the website. The plugin even tracks where people have clicked on your website and the information is shown in the shape of heat map signatures.

Social Sharing

In the beginning, you won’t have a long mailing list. However, you can always share your website and content on social media to give it wings. Content and news go viral on social media much more quickly and you should tap into its potential.
sumo plugin share buttons
To go back to our cake example, social media of your content is like giving a slice of cakes to friends, family, and neighbors to try it. Not only will you get customers, but they will also help spread the word about your blogs as brand ambassadors.

Sumo plugin offers you and your visitors, ways to quickly share your content on social media sites. For example, if your visitors select and highlight some text on your website, a small bar will pop up allowing them to share the content on their social media page as quoted text.

The plugin also includes social sharing buttons for the whole page, individual images, videos, and other types of content.

2-Way Communication

sumome custom form
Another feature of the Sumo plugin is that it allows you to create and place custom forms on your website. The forms have space for a name, email address, and a short message that visitors can send directly to your email address in real time.

The forms serve two purposes. First, the contact forms get you the visitor email address that can be used to build your subscriber list. Second, the form lets you reply to the visitor immediately, improving customer service.

The Price of Sumo Plugin

Given the host of tools and features that come with Sumo, one would expect the software to cost a great deal of money. However, the basic version of the plugin is available for download absolutely free of cost. All the features that we have detailed above are included in the basic version. It will make the task of website management much easier for you.

So, what’s the catch? No one creates a product and then offers it up for free, right?

The different functions that come with Sumo such as the list builder and social sharing are a lite version of the plugin. There are paid versions of the software as well and these offer more customization and designs.
sumo plugin list builder design forms
It is a regular practice in plugin design to offer a watered-down free version of the tool so that customers can test out its usefulness and then pay for an advanced version with more options.

In the case of Sumo, we feel that the free version offers enough options that it should fulfill most of your website management needs. You can create email lists or enhance social media sharing of your content with the free version.

If your website lifts off the ground and you want to make it more unique later on, you can certainly buy the paid version of the features.

Sumo Paid Version Pricing

The paid version of Sumo will benefit users who have started generating a reasonable amount of traffic to their website. The pro version comes in one pricing plan.
Pro — $49 /mo or YEARLY

(SAVE 20%)



/mo – $468 paid annually!

*Plan price is based on a maximum of 3 sites, and 100k visitors per month

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sumo

The plugin comes with 4 built-in apps that will make website management and promotion much easier. It offers many advantages.

  • Sumo will make it easier for you to build, grow, and use an email list. You can forward mass emails to the list with the click of a few buttons.
  • The plugin can easily integrate with other mailing software like MailChimp, OptinMonster, and AWeber, etc.
  • It will integrate data analytics into your WordPress dashboard and allow you to see all the important information in one place without the need for visiting the Google Analytics website.
  • It offers additional content analytics that will make it easier for you to see how much of your content is being read.
  • You improve your website traffic through reciprocal content sharing.
  • The plugin can be adjusted to show pop-ups or welcome mat on any of your website pages at any time. Pop-ups lead to better engagement with site visitors.
  • It allows visitors to share your content on their social media pages with a few clicks. That’s free marketing at its best!

Although the WordPress plugin offers many advantages, there are some disadvantages that should be kept in mind when using Sumo.

  • The Sumo brand advertising will be displayed on your page when you use the free version.
  • Installing all the apps offered by Sumo will decrease the loading speed for your website. This is because each app is loaded when the user opens your website on their browser. You can remedy this by only installing the apps that you need for your website.

Increase Your Profit!

Affiliate marketing is one of the most practices and high potential revenue-sharing model today. The basic principle behind this is that you will sell products of other companies, persons, or organizations and earn a commission on the number of sales done by your marketing plan.

It is a simple and effective tool to earn some quick money without any big expense. But, with the number of people using it today, you can quickly run out of strategies. Innovation is the key here. You have to be creative and try a lot of A/B testing before the results show up.

But there is one strategy that does not let you down. And this is making a list of potential promoters, buyers, visitors, leads. The affiliate list making is a sort of targeted campaign which drives traffic with a guarantee.

This list is full of potential customers who would like to buy the product but with a little persuasion. The real meaning of persuasion will be clear in a little while. Read on!

Consider that you are about to go on a vacation and have prepared a checklist. Now just before you about to leave you to make sure that all the items on the checklist are there with you.

Let’s come to the affiliate marketing list now. This list will also have the names and email addresses of all the potential buyers who may be interested in the product for which you are providing affiliate marketing. The only requirement is that you need to push them a little into buying it.

The list is just the first step, what comes will seal the deal. With Sumo, you can easily prepare this list without going through much trouble. The popups that show after a set marker or after the visitor performs a certain function or even they appear randomly will tell the visitor to share their email address. Sumo will then save it for you to use it later and increase the traffic.

You can use this list to promote products from the Clickbank marketplace or even from the Jvzoo Marketplace. These are the platforms that bring together the affiliate marketers and sellers.

You can certainly make an expanded list of different niche products for specific customers through your website and then offer them products via Clickbank with email marketing. The process is simple and will help you earn a lot of money if it is done right.

This is where we need to discuss what I meant by Persuasion (see it above). This means that you are telling the potential customer to buy a certain product because it is beneficial and awesome.

To give result to this, your email has to be perfect. It has to be well under the norms, otherwise, it can end up in the spam section and never reach the customer’s inbox. So, be careful with your words. Persuasion in email marketing is the basic concept. You need to convince the reader to buy a product without projecting your face value.

Consider that you had sent the email to 100 potential leads. Now, as per MailChimp (a big email sending and tracking platform), the average open rate for all the industries in terms of email marketing is approx 22% (21.8%). On the other hand, the click-through rate, meaning the number of users who actually click the link after opening the mail is an average 2.78%.

Most importantly, the average conversion rate (meaning the number of sales completed) is 2.35%.

All this means that out of 100 emails that you had sent 22 opened the mail, almost 3 people clicked in the link and almost 2 people bought the product. This is the power of a good email design. If you do it right, your lead will turn to a customer. The higher number of customers means higher sales.

So, when we think about it, all of this will start from a good email list and how can you make an awesome and never-ending email list. Yes, you guessed it right, Sumo. Start building your list now.

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The Sumo plugin will be highly appreciated by novice website developers and those who lack the programming skills to manage mailing lists and creating smart bars.
sumo wordpress plugin testimonials
The plugin will be particularly attractive for SME businesses that cannot afford to hire a programming team and want a low-cost solution for building their WordPress website.

It significantly cuts down the time needed to grow and work with mailing lists. The tool gives your website a professional look by adding options for social sharing, highlight sharing, and image sharing. It gives visitors the ability to get in touch with the business through contact forms and improves their user experience.

The best part about the software is that it is completely free and can be installed easily to WordPress in a matter of minutes. It will allow you to focus on the content and put out more posts, leading to higher turnover and greater profits.