Do you want to create beautiful sliders with posts, images, videos, social media, and other content? Are you looking for a premium slider WordPress plugin that allows you to configure every detail of the slider’s animations and appearance? Then, Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin is the answer!

ThemePunch developed Slider Revolution and released it in 2012. Since then, they have consistently improved on it, and today, with 350,000+ sales, and 4.77 average based on 9000+ ratings on Codeanyon, it powers more than 2.5 million websites all over the world. It is one of the most successful WordPress slider ever.

Slider Revolution WordPress Builder Plugin sales and rating

It has become so popular that many WordPress theme developers bundle Slider Revolution with their themes.

It comes with a powerful visual editor that ensures you can create beautiful presentations on your WordPress site.

In this review, you’ll find out more about what Slider Revolution is, and why it has gained huge popularity within the WordPress community.

What Do you Get With Slider Revolution?

If you are not a fan of basic images and are looking for something much more advanced, Slider Revolution plugin has what you want. With it, you can create the following:

  • Featured post sliders
  • Image sliders and carousels
  • Social media feeds
  • Media galleries
  • Hero blocks & front pages, and more.

Its powerful editor ensures you get the most unique design by using the tons of features and settings it is loaded with so you are always in control of your sliders.

Slider Revolution Review: Features

Slider Revolution review features

Slider Revolution comes with lots of cool features that make creating custom sliders for websites super easy. Here are some important features of the plugin:

  • It comes with several cool add-ons for getting new effects for your sliders. You don’t need to pay more for these. For instance, some of the add-ons include typewriter effect, WordPress gallery, related posts, and so on.
  • A complete object library that contains items like SVGs, font icons, background images, and transparent PNG objects.
  • A one-page website designer that allows you to quickly create landing pages with full slider support.
  • 3D parallax effects with full mouse control.
  • Supports all mobile devices
  • Has a backend drag and drop slide builder
  • A full navigation designer for building and adjusting items such as buttons, tabs, and arrows.
  • SEO optimization, lazy loading, performance optimization, and a secure build.

The Drag and Drop Builder

You will often be using its drag and drop builder, which provide editable content including text, buttons, links to overlaying images, and more.

It is much more advanced compared to the rudimentary drag and drop editors from WIX for example. But if you learn how to use it, you can edit pretty much anything.

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Slider Revolution Review: Stunning Templates

If you are just starting with website designing, or at an intermediate level, the best route is to go with slider revolution templates. They’ll save you the stress of starting from scratch, and you can generally replace a handful of items to make them look unique.

Slider Revolution offers more than 200+ beautiful templates to get you started. These templates fit any design style you want and usable for simple headers to fill websites. There are also special FX templates with add-ons.

Slider Revolution Review Responsive WordPress Plugin by themepunch 200 templates

Responsive Layouts

Slider plugins are notorious for problems with responsiveness on smaller devices. Slider revolution fully supports responsive design. It includes various slider layouts that make things easier for the designer.

You can choose from the different design options like carousel, single or standard slider. You also get to choose from different layouts such as auto, full width, and full screen.

Customization Options

With the Slider Revolution, you can easily create a custom slider. You can do very many things; choose navigation arrows, add parallax backgrounds, set slide delays, set custom fonts, add margins, add media layers, select slide transitions, insert buttons, etc.

All of these can be done using the drop-down menus. Slider Revolution allows you to customize virtually everything, and to save time, lets you save presets to reuse layer animations, font styles, and slide transitions.

Slider Revolution adds a 3D parallax effect to jQuery animation and CSS3, which can take your website to a whole new level.

Slide Variations

You can create any kind of slider showing layers, transition effects, and animations. In addition, many content sources are available to choose from when creating the slider.

The Slider Revolution plugin supports various types of content like blog posts and specific posts, social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and more. This is more than enough for creating slider varieties.


Slider Revolution’s advanced features help to load files automatically when required. In addition, features like lazy loading and SEO optimization help to make your site SEO friendly with loading the images when required.

However, it is worth saying that when too many graphical elements are added, the slider can become too bulky, which makes load time longer in high traffic websites, as the server has to work harder rendering the user interface.

So when implementing the slider, make sure you use optimized images and limited animation features to optimize the speed of your site.

Slider Revolution Review: Pricing

Slider Revolution Review Responsive WordPress Plugin pricing

A fully featured Slider Revolution with a regular license costs $29 on codecanyon. You can get the extended license for $150, which allows you to bundle the plugin with your own theme.

After the plugin is purchased, support runs for six months, but it is extendable for $9. When you factor in the fact that the pricing also includes free updates from the developers ThemePunch, then it becomes clearer that the pricing looks decent for the features the plugin packs.

Revolution Slider Review: Documentation and Support

Revolution Slider Review Documentation

There are tutorials with screenshots and videos on the Slider Revolution website which walk you through the features of the plugin.

With product support, you get bug fixes, feature suggestions, and troubleshooting when the plugin is faulty. However, the support does not include installation, customization, or help with issues caused by third-party plugins or themes.

Once you activate the plugin, you can now access their support ticket system, and tickets are responded to within 24 to 48 hours.

Revolution Slider Review: Tutorial

Revolution Slider Review: Testimonials

Absolutely fantastic support from Stan – within an hour or so, and he resolved two tickets. Your plugin is incredible, and as a developer, I cannot even begin to imagine how many hours went into it. Excellent work, guys, I’ll be recommending you to all my web dev friends. VERY impressive.


Excellent support – responds promptly to any inquiries and solves problems immediately.


I had problems showing the newest plugin-version in one of my themes – and Stan from the support team was very engaged and also succesful in solving my trouble. Aapart from the great plugin-functionality itself the support is also awesome.


The best slider plugin, it can do more than sliders, great support, they login in the backend and take care of the problem.



For users looking for an all-in-one premium slider plugin that would not put a dent in their pocket, the Slider Revolution is a reasonable choice.

Slider Revolution provides all the necessary features right out of the box, so you don’t ever need to install addons. However, this might mean the interface will be crowded with a lot of options, some that you might not need.

When it comes to creating sliders with Slider Revolution, there’s a bit of learning curve.

Since it was released, ThemePunch ensures it is always updated. So if you are ready to use a reliable WordPress slider plugin, you should consider Slider Revolution.

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