Salient Theme by ThemeNectar is a great WordPress theme for almost everyone looking to build a highly responsive website. It is one of the amazing feature-rich WordPress themes that not only gives an outstanding aesthetic appeal to your website but is responsive and SEO friendly. 

This theme can use be in different ways of creating corporate homepages, agency websites, portfolios, and much more. Every aspect of the theme can also be easily customized, which includes logos, colors, images, headers, footers, elements, etc. 

Salient theme is one of the popular Multipurpose WordPress themes because of its focus on design, clarity, and functionality. In this review, you’ll discover how good this theme is and everything else in between.

Salient Theme Review: Installation and Set-Up

It is super-easy to install Salient theme. To do this, purchase the theme first, then download the zip file to your PC. Once it is downloaded, head to Appearance, and Themes, and upload the zip file, then click on “Install.”

Once installed, you will be prompted to install suggested plugins, which include the Salient Visual Composer.

how to install salient theme

Salient Theme Review: Templates

Salient theme comes with a large database of over 250+ templates, ensuring you will never run out of ideas. The templates are divided into 13 categories, which include Blog, Business Portfolio, One-Page, etc. You can easily access the templates through a one-click install, and complete install within minutes.

Examples Of Salient Theme

Here are some salient theme examples that will showcase the possibilities and power of Salient theme.


stornext salient theme examples

StorNext is a very creative Salient theme example that offers a digital storage solution for all your production and archive needs. They add cloud capability to websites without causing disruption to workflow. 

Boost Audio

Boost Audio salient wordpress theme examples

Boost Audio helps to sell beats for clients by sharing email lists with them. Their website depicts the music industry through high-quality imagery, and you will find a call to action buttons strategically placed on the homepage.


Avioa salient wp theme examples

Personal website of designer Alex Redondo, Avioa uses horizontal layers to explain the work done by the design enterprise. When you land on the website, you’ll see a page with the header merged.

This is followed by a downward arrow that takes you to more content in the bottom half of the page. As you begin to scroll, the header becomes prominent. An interesting design overall.

Athlete Interactive

Athlete Interactive wordpress theme salient examples

This website is a digital branding agency for professional athletes. Their image management and digital service maximize the earning potential of their athletes.

They use the agency format from Salient to display some of their success stories on the revolution slider on their website 

Visual Working

Visual Working salient examples

The media production company, Visual Working specializes in state of the art imaging and make good use of the Salient’s Nectar Slider from Salient on their website to display their video images that showcase their prowess in unconventional productions. 


Mixte an example for salient wordpress theme

Mixte is a PR and communications company whose focus is on telling the stories of companies that are trying to help communities.

The Salient-based website showcases an attractive design with a small video at the bottom, and a neatly-arranged services section, clients, and team on the homepage. 

American Mold Services

American Mold Services an example for salient wp theme

American Mold Services is into maintaining a healthy and clean internal environment.

Their website is very simple and business-like. You can easily make navigating the website much easier with the scroll down button and then scroll to the top function on the homepage. 


AppDupe salient theme

Appdupe allows non-tech entrepreneurs to find an enabler, and techies to find an accelerator. Their website showcases several possibilities in the app world. Also, their call to action buttons are conveniently placed, making the website user-friendly.

Eight by Eight

Eight by Eight salient theme

Eight by Eight magazine runs a website of the same name. Their website is based on Salient theme, which shows that Salient theme can be used for magazine websites.

Another Love Story

Another Love Story salient theme

Event organizers, Happenings, and Home beat run Another Love Story website. Their website is built with Salient and is well organized, ensuring the homepage is free of clutter.

This ensures viewers can focus attention on the neat parallax scrolling on the homepage. They also use an image gallery to showcase past events.

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Salient Theme Review: Options Panel

Theme options panels are very important to WordPress themes. Salient WP theme offers excellent theme options panel to help you get started.

salient theme panel options control

With just a few clicks, your theme can be customized and set up for public release. There are different sections in the theme options panel that helps you in configuring different website elements.

You can change general settings like color, Favicon, back to top button, and more using the “General Setting” section. Other sections include Home, Header, Footer, Portfolio, etc.

Salient Theme Review: High-Speed Performance

The faster a website is, the better Google views its performance. The team behind Salient had this at the back of their mind from the early stage, thus developed the theme to meet up to the best possible performance.

salient theme speed performance

When you first load the team, you’ll get a 97% score on PageSpeed, but this score differs depending on how many modifications, and plugin installations you have done to the theme.

Salient Theme Review: Salient Visual Composer

The Salient theme comes with its visual composer. This enables you to create your own unique designs easily and with better efficiency.

The visual composer in the theme has been developed to meet the precise need of the end-user while providing more freedom.

However, the Visual Composer costs $59/yr for a single website, but you can rest assured you’ll be getting a first-class drag and drop builder.

Salient Theme Review: Responsive And Retina Ready

Along with speed, two other elements required of any modern website theme is responsiveness and retina ready.

More than half of today’s audience are mobile device users, and an unresponsive website means you’ll lose out on this group of people.

Salient WordPress theme ensures your website displays properly on different devices as it is responsive and retina ready.

Tons Of Header Layouts

The top-most part of a website is the header and headers are not the same across multiple websites as this is the first thing a visitor notices when visiting a website.

salient theme header layouts

Salient WordPress theme provides a wide variety of header layouts for unique designs. Whenever you want to make a new design, you can choose from different header layouts available.

Salient Theme Review: Supports WooCommerce

Not everyone is looking to create a simple blog or a company information website. Many people are taking to e-commerce today, and if you are thinking of selling something online, WordPress Salient theme has got you covered.

Right out of the box, the theme supports WooCommerce and works well with custom galleries, which are important for any online store.

Salient Theme Review: SEO Optimized Code

WordPress themes are not known for being SEO friendly, but Salient comes with optimized code and supports the popular Yoast SEO plugin.

Salient Theme Review: Great Documentation

Salient WordPress theme comes with great documentation. If the theme seems difficult or WordPress is all confusing to you, then consult their documentation to guide you.

Since the theme is quite feature-rich and has several elements, it is sensible to keep the documentation handy all the time.

Salient Theme Review: Amazing Support

Any good theme comes with great support. The Salient theme support is highly responsive and attends to queries in a quick time regardless of the amount they receive.

However, you can save yourself time, if you at least check the documentation first, or Google your problem.

Salient Theme Review: Pricing

Salient WordPress is multipurpose, very flexible and easy to use, and comes at just $60. This fee covers the demos, design styles, and other beautiful features. You will also get free 6 months support, which can be extended by an additional 6 months for $18.

Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme pricing

There is an extended version that goes for $2950, although this one is not aimed at everyone. This consists of an end-product license that can be sold to a customer. The license is for developers who build sites for clients with multiple site requirements.


Salient Multipurpose WordPress theme was created for everyone who wants to build a website using the WordPress platform. More than 100,000 people have purchased the theme since its release in March 2013.

It has also received hundreds of updates since then.

The current version is version 12, which released on April 19th, 2020. Future updates will continue to be supplied as the theme is being improved on.

No matter what you want to develop, whether a business website, a blog, an online store, or a portfolio, Salient WordPress theme has all the options and tools to get you there.

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