Olsen is an amazingly well-crafted WordPress theme by CSSigniter Themes company. This theme is the best WordPress theme for blogging, as it is ideally suited for lifestyle and fashion blogs.

This theme is highly content-oriented and responsive. Hence, this theme guarantees a smooth reading experience for the readers.

Most of the lifestyle and fashion bloggers tend to post pictures, videos, articles, and multimedia elements, which can be shown to the readers with this theme in a lucrative way.

Multiple layouts, widgets, and different styles of posts features can be utilized to make the readers more engaged. If a fashion blogger wants to sell his clothing line, he can integrate a shop with WooCommerce integration, but this is optional.


There are a few features of the Olsen theme that make it worth it for the bloggers. These are:


Olsen wordpress theme Customizer Options

You don’t have to deal with raw coding for your blogging site, as this theme provides 80 customizer options. With it, you can design your customized website according to your preferences.

SEO Optimized and Responsive

While building this theme, the developers tried to keep it as simple as possible. It enables a theme to be search engine friendly on any search engine available.

This theme is also pretty much responsive to all the devices. So the readers get a smooth reading experience anywhere.

Different Blog Posts

A blogger will not have to stick to a particular styling of a blog post with this theme. He can bring variations in each blog post, which can keep the readers highly engaged.

Multiple Layout Style Options

11 pre made layouts Layout options olsen theme for wordpress

Olsen theme permits you to have a different version of blogs considering the different purposes a blogger might have.

It provides 11 layout options with multiple sidebar and columns. It also comes with 20+ typography and color settings that let you have full freedom to show your content in your chosen way.

Custom Widget

This theme offers highly customized widgets. It lets the blogger portray their credentials to readers in a more personalized way. It helps to get the trust of the readers and thus increase engagement.

Lookbook Templates

Lookbook templates olsen wordpress theme

Any fashion blog seems incomplete without a lookbook template. So, Olsen comes with the feature of a lookbook template to show a fashion blogger’s closet to the reader.


This theme can integrate WooCommerce. Fashion Bloggers can choose to sell their clothing line with it. However, this is optional for the fashion blogger. He can only decide to have a fashion blog instead.


This theme is developed, keeping the bloggers in mind. Even a novice blogger with zero knowledge of coding can build a website using this theme.

It can integrate the entire built-in page builder and all popular plugins. Integration of these can even make the website even more personalized and reader-friendly.

A fashion blogger can have a blog and shop at the same time. Also, if we say that this theme is the best WordPress theme for blogging, it won’t be an exaggerated statement at all.

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