Do you have a magazine website that you want to take it to the next level? Do you want it to go viral in all social media? Then the Doberman WordPress Magazine Theme is the best choice for you.

It is the best blogging WordPress theme available designed for magazines and blogs. It has some unique features that let it stand out among all.

You can show all the features categories of posts with this theme. This theme enables you to showcase all your admired and trending posts on the website.

In a blog or magazine website where content is the primary thing, this WordPress theme correctly serves the purpose of it. This theme keeps your content attractive to the readers.


All the elements this CSSignigter theme has got are what make it unique. These features are:

Viral Concept

doberman go viral magazine wordpress theme for blogging

This theme is for promoting your content to the audience in every possible way. It increases user engagement through social media, viral centric algorithms, and many more.

It always keeps the viewer’s attention to the most popular posts through the widgets. Every popular magazine and blog website seeks such features in a theme to viral on the internet.

Advanced Features

This theme offers all the advanced features that a renowned magazine would have. All the advanced features are; trending posts, social share count, and available posts, etc.

Customizer Options

doberman theme review Customizer Options to customize colors widgets layouts

The Doberman WordPress theme has customizer options, helping you not to depend on manual coding. It will save you precious time.

This customizer option offers to set theme color, typography, home and footer widgets, and many more. It creates a unique outlook for the website.

Drag and Drop Homepage

With this theme, you can create the homepage according to your taste. You can do so with custom content widgets. You don’t need to have a sound coding skill for that. Anyone with basic user interface knowledge will be able to design it.

Custom Widget Areas

It is undeniable that the widget is an essential part of a WordPress theme. The Doberman theme by CSSignighter comes with custom widgets with more functionality. It provides all the features of content widgets, twitter, Instagram, and many more.

SEO Optimized

While choosing a theme for a website, it is essential if it is SEO optimized or not. The Doberman theme entirely complies with it. With this theme, you can rank higher in all search engines available.


So we can easily conclude in a way that this theme is one of the best blogging WordPress theme available for the magazine publishers and bloggers.

The users can have so many styles for their website with this theme. This theme is designed to keep the audience engaged and making the contents go viral with all the unique features it offers.

If you want to take your business website to the next level, this is a complete package as a theme that you should consider.