“Where the Internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.”…. George Siemens

Starting a blog is like starting a new book. Writing the first couple of posts, just like reading the first couple of chapters, is a bit of a slog.

But by the time you’ve written a few more, your blog has become a part of you, your business or your cause. Bloggers are a diverse community of people with different reasons for starting their blogs.

From personal to company blogs, this article will give you 8 reasons why anybody thinking of starting a blog, absolutely should. Regardless of your writing experience, blogging can be super rewarding in lots of ways.

The accessibility of the blog platform makes it one of the most vibrant forms of writing of our time and something fascinating to be a part of.

It can be perfect for your career

Many people create blogs to network with others in their profession or industry and to boost their job opportunities. Blogging allows you to showcase your skills and expertise in a way that provides context.

For example, your resume might state that you have excellent IT skills, and potential employers should be able to see how you apply these in your job by reading your professional blog.

What’s more, a blog can help you to stand out with specialized and unique skills that you might have if you post content with new information related to your field or content, which other people in your industry find useful for their jobs. This will also be attractive to employers.

It’s a good way to network with people like you

One of the best things about blogging is that you can choose what you write about, and as a result what you invite discussion about.

Whether your passion is house rabbits or G&T, there are thousands of others out there who are just as enthusiastic as you about your chosen topic or area.

It can be hard to find people in real life who are just as interested in discussing Les Miserables The Musical as you. Still, in the world of the weblog, you are sure to find others who will appreciate and be reciprocal of all your knowledge and insights.

It’s cathartic

Lots of people start personal blogs with no intention of ever publishing them online, like a secret journal for the digital age.

Others use their blogs to help them to organize their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about given areas and topics, which they find particularly emotive or controversial.

This can be very cathartic, especially for those who express themselves best through writing. A personal blog is great to double as a publisher and a private journal, where you can share some posts immediately, save others for later, and keep a few for personal reading.

It will help your business grow

If you have a business, blogging can be a great marketing strategy. Many online retailers have blogs that they post content to, highlighting particular products and trends.

Blogging and social media marketing is a cost-effective strategy that helps businesses to grow brand loyalty and reputation and is proven to increase sales by increasing traffic to company websites.

Blogging itself can earn you money

With passion and hard work, you can earn money by blogging. Whether it be by placing ads within your content or writing content for businesses to buy, there are lots of opportunities to make some extra income by blogging.

And who knows; some of the best known and well-paid names on the internet started as small-time bloggers.

Because you love to write (and read)

For many of us who love to write, the daily grind doesn’t give us many chances to exercise or practice the skill. So blogging during your free time can be a great hobby, giving you space and a platform to develop your voice in your writing and your writing technique.

Writing content is a great way to satisfy your creative urges. The comparison between writing blog posts and reading at the start of this post was deliberate.

Blogging is just as much about reading as it is writing. Connecting with other bloggers and reading and interacting with their content is half of the joy of blogging.

If you are passionate about reading and open to new ideas and different viewpoints, blogging is for you. And people who read a lot always make good writers.

Plus, as mentioned before, there is often beneficial information in blog content, which can come in very handy in everyday life.

It’s free

If you start a blog for fun, you’ll be happy to hear that it’ll be one of the most affordable hobbies you’ve ever taken up. No expensive memberships or custom made shoes required for blogging!

As long as you have a device that connects you to the internet, there are lots of blog creation tools out there that let you sign up to a basic account and start creating content for free.

You have something to say (and what you have to say might help someone else)

Life can be tough (and the internet can be the toughest arena of all). Yet, it might be said that one of the greatest triumphs of social media in recent years is that it has highlighted and raised the profile of previously taboo subjects, like mental health, abortion, and racism.

By sharing our experiences on social media, we are removing these taboos and reaching out to others, showing them that they are not alone.

Blog posts allow users to create a narrative around experiences, more so than other social media platforms, which helps to humanize stories and accounts.

Having a blog set up is also great for those moments where you feel compelled to discuss or comment on something. Blogging is a productive and healthy outlet for intense feelings, both positive and negative.