Loge is a WooCommerce-focused theme built for the retailers and salespersons. CSSigniter review of this theme comes very strong as it has launched several WooCommerce themes, and loge seems to have gained the most acceptance from the users.

No matter what you are selling, loge will make your products stand out from the rest with all the features and functionality it brings on the table.

This theme is perfectly suitable for selling fashion-related products, beauty products, home accessories, and so on.

You will find such an ample amount of shop elements in the theme; these make the theme perfect for serving the buyers online.


These are some of the significant features of the Loge WordPress theme:

WooCommerce Integration

Loge theme is built targeting WooCommerce. So, naturally, this theme is perfectly optimized for WooCommerce. It is compatible with the latest version of the WooCommerce plugin that comes in the market.

It is known to all that Woocommerce is the most acclaimed plugin for selling products online, and it is user-friendly.

Customizer Options

how to change theme color in wordpress

With the customizer section of this website, you can bring dramatic appearance changes to the site like colors, fonts and many more. You can do all of this without applying codes. A non-coder can customize this theme easily.

Easy Homepage Setup

This minimalist and light weighted theme loads the homepage and other content elements very fast. So the seller gets attracted to this theme very fast as it helps them to create a fast-loading homepage. At the same time setting up the homepage is super easy to do.

Shop Elements

Loge theme comes with different sorts of shop elements like product categories, featured products, customer accounts, order tracking and many more.

Shop Pages

In this theme, there are few pre-designed pages with which you can work with, or you can design new. You can display a shop page to the buyers in the sidebars, or you can decide to go with full width.

Custom Elementor Modules

elementor page builder to build pages easily without code writing

It has in-built elementor modules, so it comes with more features and functionality to the primary elementor page builder. So it gives you more freedom to make different posts or page layouts without having any coding knowledge.

Mobile Experience

Loge WordPress theme is fully responsive and perfectly fits your mobile size, no matter which brand it is. So people can see and order your products with mobile easily. By having this theme, you can let the buyer have the ultimate user experience of your website.

SEO Friendly

Loge theme is SEO optimized. It is a minimalist theme, so it loads very fast with all the content pages and elements it comes with. This feature brings more organic traffic to your website.


If your business is in the e-commerce arena, then this loge WordPress theme can serve your website in the growth of it. Of all the themes CSSigniter recently launched, it seems that the CSSigniter of this particular theme is mostly accepted to the buyers of the theme.

This minimalist theme showcases the product and services in a way that it never fails to reach out to the target customers.

If you are a novice businessman, joining the business, you can manage this theme pretty quickly without any coding knowledge while building your website for your potential customers.

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