Greetings, you must know that Avada has a user base of half a million people. And still, you need convincing that it is a fantastic website theme? Well, not to worry here I have the best live examples of Avada theme.

Talking about Avada, it was a fun and learning experience to conduct an Avada Theme Review in my last article. We spoke of its awesome features and probable reasons why some people won’t use it.

Here we will take a ride through 20 websites that are using the most popular theme. So, let’s begin:

Yellow Marine Consultancy

Yellow Marine Consultancy avada theme examples

Being a consultant their website is easy to navigate. The design is perfect for a consultant, and the custom background display matches the business operations.


monidesign avada theme examples

It is really amazing to see how a web development and designing company uses the Avada theme for their business. I guess they are the best examples of how Avada can be used to custom design your website.

JL Recruitment

JL Recruitment avada theme examples

A domestic worker recruiting website usually contains too much information. But, with Avada, the designers have successfully arranged it smoothly and not create too much confusion for the visitor.

Dragonfly Wellness Center

Dragonfly Wellness Center avada examples

This platform uses various elements including video, call to action, and social media icons on the home page. All of these are the part of content elements and are one of the 5 important facts about Avada theme you need to know.

Nomadic Chick

Nomadic Chick avada live examples

Avada is truly a diverse theme. For instance, this website of a woman’s travel stories uses amazing font styles which are not there in other themes.


kronum avada live example

This is the first time I have ever heard of this game, and it is amazing. The website uses Avada to divide the sections to explain everything about the game in an informative manner.

Ron Spohn

Ron Spohn live example of avada theme

This website is about photography. The way images zoom in and out of each frame and interact with the visitor can only be done on Avada.


Gridnyc live example of avada

Looking for live examples of Avada theme for e-commerce? Here it is, this website specializes in providing e-commerce platforms and tips to small businesses.

Vector Shade Structures

Vector Shade Structures avada theme live example

The main page various WordPress theme based websites is too congested. But with Avada, you can create a smooth landing page with no fuss.


Amunet example of best selling avada theme

This is where I found a working example of the revolution slider. Plus they have used various plugins to make it even more comfortable for the reader to find a post.

Bezign Creative

Bezign Creative live example of avada best selling

The people here are graphic designers, and they have done an impressive job with this Avada WordPress theme.

Jewelers Exchange

JewellersExchange avada example

Ever want to know how Avada handles multiple websites. Visit this website and check for yourself.

Vermeij Design

Vermeij Design themeforest avada example

Not only for companies and firms, but the Avada theme also works well with personal portfolios too. Gabrielle Vermeij introduces various aspects of the work rather beautifully.


Mandurahcityfc avada theme live example

Yet another example of Avada’s diversity and efficiency. This sports club website is made with Avada, and it is really good.


Bullish live example of best wordpress theme avada

Don’t get any ideas. This is an e-commerce store for scarfs and other accessories. But they have used Avada beautifully to showcase their products and trends.

Maui College

Maui College themeforest avada theme

A website which according to me has an attractive front page for a college website. You will see that adding videos to the background is possible with Avada.

Cheyanne Contracting Inc

Cheyanne Contracting Inc best avada theme example live
Owned by a woman this construction company has used Avada to perfectly showcase its portfolio into various tabs on the homepage itself.

Swift River

SwiftRiverConsulting themeforest live example avada theme

“Simplicity is a virtue.” I never thought that this phrase can be used for a website. But here it is, a simple and interactive website, possible only by Avada WordPress theme.

Digital Solutions

Digital Solution themeforest avada multipurpose theme

Background slider, amazing fonts, interactive design, and much more. I found this website as one of the most accurate and complete live examples of the Avada theme.

Fleet Trax

Fleet Trax theme avada live example

This is an e-logistics tracking platform that uses simple and yet effective Avada designing. The home page beautifully covers all the aspects of the business.

Stacy Group

StacyGroup best wordpress theme avada example

Everything you need to see is on the home page, and the rest is on the left sidebar. Another way to use the most selling theme.

These are not all but a few live examples of Avada Theme. There are numerous more out there. It amazes me to consider that more than +500,000 people are using one theme differently.

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