Blogging has become incredibly popular around the world however, a lot of people wonder how to make money blogging. Blogging is popular because it gives people a way to express their opinions, seek out like-minded individuals and it can even become a source of revenue.

Many people who started out a blog were able to build a business centered on their blog down the line. Some of these bloggers were so successful that they even quit their day jobs to focus full-time on their blog.

make money from blogging

In this piece, we look at the reasons why blogging could be a profitable career path for you. We also share 13 tips on

how to make money with online blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress


Why People Start Blogging

People start blogging for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the freedom they get to Express themselves on a publicly available forum. Others do it because they want to help others or hope to get famous enough as an expert on the subject. Still, others do it to promote their business or Make money online by advertising and promoting the business of other people.

Regardless of why you start your blog, there are a few things that you SHOULD remember when looking to make money from your blog writing.

Things to Remember When Blogging

Before you start blogging for the sole intent of making money, you need to understand TWO key things. First, making money should NOT be your sole reason for starting a blog. You should only start a blog because you are genuinely interested in writing about something and have expertise or opinions to share about the subject.

You will only make good money from blogging if your writing is actually interesting and fun to read.  It will only be good when you are passionate and care about the subject enough to write on it eloquently. If you only write because you want to make money, your blog will lose its appeal and won’t develop the kind of following that you need to make a decent income from it.

Focus on the quality of content and money will follow.

The second thing you need to focus on is Design. Your blogging website should be easy to navigate, particularly on a small screen device.

website should be easy to navigate

Most people these days do not have the time to sit on a computer and read blogs. If you are using WordPress, make sure to design your blogs for the small screen as it will be easier to build a following that way.

Top 13 Tips for Making Money Online With a Blog

So your blog is getting popular, and you have developed a regular following. You love to write and update 2 – 3 posts every week. Yet, your blog is still not making any money, and you are left wondering, how do I make money from blogging?

Don’t worry. Making money from your blogs is easier than you might think, once you know How to do it. We are here to share 13 effective tips that are sure to get your blog to start producing money like NEVER before.

Monetize Your Blog with Paid Ads

Monetize Your Blog

Perhaps the most popular and widely used method of making money with your blogs is by placing paid advertising on your website. These include the banner ads at the side and top of your web page that load when someone visits your webpage. The advertiser pays you a fixed amount, for the number of people who view or click on the advertisement.

Monetize Your Blog with Paid Ads

The money you get is usually expressed as pay per click (PPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The money is generally not a lot, but it can build up if you have a large audience.

For instance, suppose Google’s AdSense pays you $1 per thousand impressions, and you get paid $0.10 per click. You decide to display three ads on each page and post about 20 blogs on your website per month.

You also happen to have a loyal following of 5000 followers who read every single one of your blogs and 0.1% of your followers click on the advertised links.

Your earning from impressions for the month would be $1 x 3 x 20 x 5000 / 1000 = $300.

You’re earning from clicks for the month would be $0.1 x 5000 x 20 = $100.

Now the income may not seem great, BUT do note that it is calculated at a reserved estimate of 5,000 unique visitors to your site.

Most successful and professionals bloggers have a following of tens, even hundreds of thousands of followers, and their incomes scale-up correspondingly.

professionals bloggers

Sell Private Ads from Businesses

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The best thing about running your own WordPress blog is that you can sell and host ads from third parties. If your blog gets a lot of traffic, businesses and advertisers will often contact you directly to host their ads. These advertisers generally pay a much better rate than Google or other web marketers because there is no third party involved that would take a cut of your revenue.

You can also get in touch with advertisers yourself by proactively contacting them to see if they’d like to advertise with you. You get more freedoms to set the terms that you want this way.

For example, you can offer to permanently host their banner on your site or have a click-based payment system that suits you.

Affiliate Marketing

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This is another way that new bloggers make money online. With affiliate marketing, online businesses and e-commerce stores give you a unique link to their ordering page. You will need to place this link on your blogs and other content.

When your subscriber or site visitor clicks on this link and makes a purchase from the affiliate business, you will get a commission for recommending the product. Lots of major retailers including Amazon use affiliate marketing to sell products and you can create private partnerships with businesses or advertisers to make money.

Use Your Blog for Marketing Your Business

how to start a blog for free and make money

A lot of businesses start their website as a WordPress blog to advertise and market their products and services. If your blog becomes successful you can use it to promote your own business online and get more customers instead of advertising products from other businesses.

Many bloggers started their WordPress website with nothing and then built a huge following online. They later added real products and services to sell their customer and made a successful business out of it.

For example, suppose you start a blog, posting about how you love baked goodies, cakes, and pies. You post pictures of cakes you made at home, and one of your readers inquires if you also bake cakes for selling.  You think to yourself, why not?

Before you know it, you are running your own business of cakes and delicacies with a growing customer base. There are thousands of success stories like this all over the world, and you can do it Too.

thousands of success stories

Sell Training Courses and Coaching Classes

how much money can you make from wordpress

You don’t necessarily have to sell physical products. If you have specialized knowledge or expertise in a subject, Then you can offer classes to share your knowledge and teach skills to others who want to learn.

Many people are willing to pay good money to learn useful social and life skills. One of the biggest booming businesses of our times is a life coach, motivational speakers, and fitness instructors.

You can hold classes online from your home and communicate with your clients via video calling services. You can also rent out a place to give your classes if most of your followers are in your local area.

Many bloggers have followed this model and teaching all kinds of skills to people online from electronics and auto repair to cooking, fitness, and even landscaping.

Sell Accessories, Shirts, and Mugs

blog ideas that make money

While this isn’t the best money-generating idea in terms of the amount of money you make, it is certainly the most popular one used by bloggers.

People who have become somewhat famous due to online blogging and achieved a minor celebrity status often sell mugs, t-shirts, pens, paperweights, backpacks, frames, and other accessories with their name and logo on it.

The amount of profit you make on such items is generally low unless you are a very popular celebrity or an incredibly good accessory designer. People often use this method in addition to other money-making methods to boost their total revenue from blogging.

Kylie Jenner

The goal here should be to use these sales as a way to make you more popular rather than depend on them as your core revenue generation method.

Sell Memberships

how to make money with a blog for beginners

This is another good strategy that successful bloggers are using to make money. It is similar to the training courses we discussed above, but not quite as time-consuming.

Most of your followers read your blog because it is freely available. However, there will be some who appreciate what you write and understand that it takes time to produce your content. You can sell memberships to these subscribers and give them access to exclusive content that only they can read.

One thing to remember is that your exclusive content has to be more valuable than your regular posts so that people are actually willing to pay for it.

how i made money blogging

You can build credibility and reputation as well as community support by attending public speaking events, conferences, and meet-ups.

If you have built an online reputation as an expert on a subject, then you should know that there are people and organizations out there that want you to attend and speak at their conferences. A number of these event organizers are willing to pay good money for you to come and speak at their conference.

It goes without saying that it takes time to build the kind of reputation that gets you auto-invites to such events. In the beginning, you will need to do a lot of networking. You may even have to speak at events for free at first.

If you have a strong online following and organizers know that you have the kind of star power to bring in crowds, Then you will get more invites.

As a life coach and motivational speaker, you may also get invited to corporate events and training sessions. These are prime payment opportunities, and you can get around $10,000 for speaking at such events on average.

Paid Events and Workshops

Books and eBooks

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The biggest asset for online bloggers is their ability to write wonderful, creative content that people find interesting to read. If you’ve been blogging for some time and have built a decent following, then your writing is in demand.

One way to make money from your blogs is by putting them together and writing a book or eBook on the subject. Thousands of bloggers have written books that went on to become their main source of income. If you love blogging, then You will need to transition into a full-blown author at some point to make the most out of your blogs.

Freelancing for Other Bloggers or Businesses

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This is the surest and most direct way to make money through your blogs. After you have been writing, editing and posting blogs for a while, you become Really good at it. The ability to write blogs and other online marketing content is a skill in itself that is highly sought after in the market.

You can sell your own blogs or offer to write content for others who want to learn to blogging or want online promotional content for their business but don’t have the time to learn. A blogger can earn anywhere between $5 – $50 per hour for their writing services, depending on skills, experience, and content quality.

Once you have shown the ability to attract and build an online following through your blogs, you will find it easier to attract clients who want you to write for them.

Sponsorships For Blog Posts

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You have to build strong credibility for your blog such that other professional bloggers are ready to pay you for showcasing their blog on your website.

Sponsored blogs mean that different bloggers will pay you money to advertise their blog on your website. Since you have a larger number of visitors and followers on your blogs, sponsoring other guests posts will mean that you will get paid for letting people know about the sponsored blog.

However, there is a thin line difference between sponsorships and paid ads. With paid advertisements through an official channel like Adsense or AdWords, you will only earn a small share of the total pie.

Added to this, you cannot decide which ad to display and when to display it. This means that you will have no control over the advertisement content running on your blog whatsoever.

With sponsorships things are different. You can handpick the relevant blogs which you want to run and also charge money as per your blog’s popularity. For this, you can create a dedicated page that shows your blog’s progress and popularity.

Online store

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Another method is to run an e-commerce store through your blog. Consider this, 23% of the time spent on the internet is credited to blogs, plus more than 75% of the internet users read blogs.

Also, in the US alone 81% of people consider the information given on blogs as trustworthy. So, this gives you three motives to start an online store through your blog.

First is that you know how much time people spend on blogs, second, you know how many people read blogs, and third that the majority of the internet will trust what you write. Consider the potential of development that you have in your hands through your blog if down the line you will start an e-commerce store.

You will have a ready-made list of customers and your customer-specific targeting will be even better than others who tend to shoot blind arrows.

There are various platforms through which you can build your own online store including Woocommerce or Shopify.

Accept Donations

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The last method in how to make money blogging is by accepting donations from the good people of the Web World. Do you know that Wikipedia solely runs of donations? Yes, now you can imagine the power of donations, but for that, you need to build an incredible authority similar to Wikipedia to invite donations.

For beginners, this is a long shot and you are literally asking people for money. But the good thing is that you are asking for your fair share of research and writing a big 2000-word post. You need to add a PayPal link to your website or a Stripe link to allow people to donate money to your blog.

Make Money Blogging