Blogging continues to be an ever-expanding industry in terms of personal and professional usage. But not all blogs are created equal because not all blogs jump off the screen for the reader.

How often have you done a google search, clicked on a blog post, and then went “meh”? This can happen for a large variety of reasons, but ultimately boil down to simply not being able to stand out. Here are 5 tips to help your blog stand out.

Know Your Niche

Every topic of interest imaginable is in some form a niche. But since no one human being can know everything, you won’t be able to blog about every topic you come across.

How many generic how-to articles have you read that was written by someone who didn’t know what they were talking about? The advice was either incredibly obvious or flat-out wrong.

Blog post sand articles like these are a waste of time for you, the writer, and everybody else.

Notice however that I did not say you need to be an expert. Perhaps you have no idea about the processes about auto manufacturing or basic mechanics, but you have a strong understanding of what you desire in a vehicle.

Being able to communicate these ideas effectively and tell the reader why they are important is part and parcel of being a successful blogger.

Understand Your Target Audience

Having an understanding of who your ideal audience will allow you to write in a way that will attract those people.

For example, how you ever read a baking recipe that included a lot of swearing and gangster slang? These could exist, but I imagine they are pretty hard to come by.

A grandma who wants a new cookie recipe for her family is probably not looking to bust a cap in someone’s ass. But maybe your target audience is a younger crowd where curse words are not going to be frowned down upon.

Use Your Own Natural Quirks

Not everyone is an eccentric individual, but everyone has their own eccentricities. If you happen to be the kind of nerd that makes other nerds uncomfortable, own it! Make those Star Wars references at the worst possible times, and other nerds will eat it up.

Perhaps you’re a mom who likes to post articles of all the dumb things your kids do as a way of self-therapy, I guarantee other moms will start following your posts.

The point is utilizing your unique quirks is going to make you and your blog post stand out from the rest.

Understanding Blog Structure

This might actually be a hard one to get over if you have a college-level of education. You see, essays can be blog posts, but blog posts are not essays.

Think of a blog post as a presentation with a limited time frame. You have to be concise, use smaller sentences and paragraphs, and use subheadings.

Most people, regardless of their reading level or interest in your article, are only going to glaze over what you have written.

By breaking up your paragraphs and using subheadings in blog articles, the reader can readily find relevant information. This also makes it easier to read in general but is even more relevant to my next point.

Also by utilizing images, GIFs, and videos to break up paragraphs make a blog post more visually memorable to the reader.

Understanding SEO

If you desire to make money from writing blog articles, either for yourself or freelancing for another company, you need to understand search engine optimization (SEO).

As I mentioned before, using subheadings and smaller paragraphs allows search engines to catalog relevant information more efficiently for their own databases.

This is incredibly important if you want someone who has no idea about you or your blog to be able to have any chance online to find your blog.

If you do not have any understanding of SEO, or perhaps only a limited understanding, there are many free courses online as well as tutorial videos.

Also, within common programs like WordPress, you can find extensions and apps that are specifically designed to help maximize SEO efficiency for all your blog posts.