When it comes to online shopping, everything depends on the way your website looks and behaves with the user. It also depends upon how the content is placed on the webpage. Keeping all this in mind, you should take up a planned approach in designing the website.

Speaking of design, Elementor WooCommerce widgets help in enhancing user experience. WooCommerce widgets are display elements that are used to improve the look of your website. They can be used to display products, categories, and various other elements of the website.

This article will fill you with the knowledge of some necessary and essential Elementor WooCommerce widgets. Let’s begin!!!

Elementor WooCommerce Widgets

wordpress woocommerce widgets products for elementor

Woo Product Widget

The Woo Product Widget contains various types of arrangements useful for displaying products in a very interactive way. It can be used to display products in both the grid form and the carousel form.

In the grid view, you can change images in the widget whenever the user brings the pointer on it. It also displays the icons for adding to the cart and viewing the item.

This allows the user to look at the article carefully before buying and also improve their shopping experience. Additional information about the price and name of the product can also be displayed.

In the carousel form, the image of the product has a hovering effect. Along with this, more information is also displayed like the discount, category, price, and name of the product. The products in this are displayed in a horizontal strip arrangement.

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wordpress Woocommerce Categories Widget for elementor

Woo Categories Widget

With Woo Categories Widget, you can easily display the categories of the products which are easy to spot and surf. The categories of the product can be displayed in a very interactive way called the Carousel way and also with the help of filters.

The Carousel way allows the display of categories in a Carousel format. In this, three to four categories are displayed at a time on the screen. Besides, the user can swipe on the screen for shifting through the categories. The category also displays the total products contained in it.

Filters can be used to divide product categories. These are displayed in a grid format. Each category is further displayed with its name and number of products.

You can even customize the categories by changing the gap between columns and rows, plus you can also change the color of the boxes over the images for displaying category names.

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Woocommerce plugin Add To Cart widget for elementor

Woo Add to Cart Widget

Woo Add to Cart Widget also has some great options that allow the user to add the item to the cart instantly. The features that it offers are “Direct add to cart” and “Pre-define quantity”.

With direct add to cart, a user can click on the “add to cart icon,” and the item gets added to the cart directly.

With pre-define quantity, a fixed quantity of product gets added to the cart after the user clicks on the icon.

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As per the above article, it is pretty clear that the Elementor WooCommerce widgets provide an ingenious set of features for designing an eCommerce website. With all these features integrated into your website, you will be able to enhance your sales numbers and user experience.