As amazing as Elementor is, it only seems fair to think that the Elementor Hello theme will be equally innovative. Well, before you come to any conclusions, let us discuss a little about the Hello Theme.

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The essential function of a theme is to provide good looks and better designing to your website. Website designing is yet another way to interact with your visitors and readers. With add on and ready to use themes, you can present the same information in a better manner, which is also pleasing to the eyes.

So, What is this Elementor Hello Theme?

elementor hello theme review
Well, to start with, it is a blank theme. This means that what you will get is a minimum default structure and maximum freedom to design it yourself with the Elementor WordPress Page Builder. In the past, these blank themes were used by the designers and coders so that they can design it from scratch with coding.

But with an all-in-one page builder like Elementor, there is no need to learn coding to create your masterpiece.

Features of the Hello Theme

As the team which built Elementor creates the Hello theme, this means that it will have the perfect coordination with this plugin. Earlier, the hello theme was not available in the WordPress Repository.

But after its inclusion in it, you can expect nothing less than perfect compatibility of the theme with Elementor even in WordPress.

  • It’s FREE:Yes, the Hello theme is free to download. And even better is that you can use it forever without even paying a single penny.
  • Perfectly in Sync with Elementor: Do you remember the good guys who developed Elementor. Well, these good guys use the Hello theme for all the A/B testing of Elementor. This means that whenever there is an update for the all-in-one comprehensive website designer, the Hello theme will be the first to experience the new changes.
  • Compatible: You may only need to think about your compatibility with your new date tonight (but if you are not, then go for it), but this is not the case with the Hello theme. It works beautifully with many plugins and that too without compromising on the speed. This theme is fast as ever and lighter than all the other ones that you have worked with earlier. Plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast, and many more are easily accessible and functional with Hello.
  • Easy Designing: With Elementor and Hello, both working together your website will look even better and amazing. You can set custom header and footer and even design various other aspects. More importantly, most of this will be done within minutes and you will be running your first landing page.

The Elementor Hello Theme is lightweight; it has speed and has the best connectivity with various plugins and platforms.

As per good guys, the Hello theme lies at the end of a circle which started with the development of thier page builder.

elementor hello theme speed

The motive was to modify the website building and development process. They have reduced the need to learn to code with such amazing developments. Try it out today and get a first-hand experience at smooth and convenient web designing.

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