Are you looking for a suitable WooCommerce theme yet minimalist in nature? Then Decorist WordPress theme from CSSigniter Company is the perfect one for you.

For many business owners, it becomes crucial to choose a theme from all other themes available in the market.

The theme must go with the nature of the business and correctly provide the user with relevant information to the users in an organized way.

Decorist theme is perfect for home product stores, home-decor products store, fashion related products stores, card stores, and any other store that sells products to the customers.

The minimalist look of the theme gives this theme also a more professional look.


This theme has some favorable features for a website. Those are

Minimalist Design

This Decorist theme has a simplistic outlook. It increases the readability a user needs while surfing through the website and also it has a user-friendly user interface.

Customizable Store

Do you want to give your buyer a virtual experience? Then this theme is for you. You have the option to choose from product layouts with multiple settings, element visibility even there are various sidebars and drawer displays for your products.

WooCommerce Integration

Decorist WordPress theme is a minimalist WooCommerce theme. So naturally, the WooCommerce feature is the most expected in here. So WooCommerce gets integrated with the website perfectly while using this theme.

Custom Elementor Module

decorist e-commerce wordpress theme Elementor, Block editor, Widgets or Shortcodes

The Decorist theme comes with a custom elementor module feature. So you can build amazing layouts as per your want without any application of codes.

You can select any latest or handpicked posts and put them on any page with your custom layout design.

Customizer Options

If you are a very detail-oriented individual then with this theme you can customize the smallest details of your website. It gives you the freedom to customize so many aspects like header visibility, social media integration, and much more of this theme.

Flexible Layout Options

Decorist has multiple layout options and widgets. All these features let you build a unique shop for the buyers virtually. It covers all the things like layout columns and contents of product offerings, it helps the buyer to choose the product or services they are looking for.

Color Control

decorist e-commerce theme for wordpress by woocommerce plugin Color Control

This theme lets you change the color of your website, whichever seems suitable for your website. If your logo is blue colored, then you can build the entire site of yours considering this color of your logo.

Translation Ready

If you want to go globally with your business, having a translation ready site is an added advantage. You can integrate WPML plugin to your Decorist theme and make your website translation ready for the users of other countries.


A website shows the sincerity and professionalism of a business. All the successful enterprises that we have ever seen has given a sensible priority while creating their first impression of the business.

In this digital era, the first and foremost thing while doing so is creating a perfect website. For creating an online store Decorist WordPress theme by CSSigniter Company is a great choice to show your business motto and offered services and products to your buyers or clients with a minimalist approach.

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