Whenever someone plans to start an online business, the first thing they think about is the look of the website. It is essential to have an attractive website in case of any business.

For building a beautiful and engaging website, you need to search online for website designs. That’s where the themes come into the picture.

Now, there are various websites for choosing and buying themes for your business. One of these websites is CSSIgniter.

Founded back in 2012, the CSSIgniter themes and plugins firm has built several brilliant themes with a plethora of features.

It was started as a side project by Gerasimos Tsiamalos and Anastis Sourgoutsidis. But, with the motive of being a part of the WordPress themes market, they channeled their full potential into CSSIgniter.

This article will explore the various aspects of the CSSIgniter website, including benefits and downsides.


Let’s begin with the themes developed by CSSIgniter. Backed by a vast collection of WordPress themes, CSSIgniter offers you the ultimate way to build your website. The website CSSIgniter has a total of 80 themes that are distributed among various categories like:

  • Application
  • Blogging
  • Business
  • Magazine
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Restaurant
  • Woocommerce

And more. Some of the themes under these categories are free, but most of them are premium. Some developed by CSSIgniter that have gained a lot of popularity are:

  • Convert theme: A business/WooCommerce WordPress theme.
  • Olsen: A blogging WordPress theme for fashion and lifestyle bloggers.
  • Blockchain: A brilliant business/cryptocurrency theme.
  • Decorist: WordPress theme for home and decoration products.
  • Loge: Loge WordPress theme is best for retailers selling beauty products, fashion, or home accessories.

Themes Features

CSSIgniter embedded pretty awesome features into their themes, which are hard to resist. These features help you get the best out for your specific website requirement. Some of the ingenious features offered by the CSSIgniter themes are listed as:

Mobile Responsive design

Almost all the themes created by CSSIgniter are mobile responsive. The benefit that this feature provides is the ability to run your website smoothly across all devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.

Speed Optimization

CSSIgniter comes included with the speed optimization feature. The speed optimization feature enhances your website’s performance by boosting its speed while providing maximum functionality.

Translation ready

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This feature of the theme allows users from different parts of the world to understand the theme. The theme contains support for various languages, which makes it ideal for everyone.

Retina Ready

The retina-ready feature of the theme allows it to display high-resolution images. The inclusion of high definition images on your website will always grab user attention and stimulate them to check more content on the site.

Control Panel

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One of the indispensable features of all the CSSIgniter themes. Through the theme control panel, you can manage and modify your theme’s appearance according to your preference.

Some of the aspects of the control panel are colors, logo, Google Analytics, layouts, custom pages, and more. All the described aspects can be changed.


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CSSIgniter, along with the development of themes, also offers a bunch of plugins to choose from. Out of the six awesome plugins provided by CSSIgniter, four are free, and two are premium.

One of the premium is an add-on to the Audio Igniter plugin, and the other one is the event manager plugin named Event Igniter.

The Audio Igniter Pro plugin has a bunch of excellent features that make it worth integrating into your site. Some of the indispensable elements of Audio Igniter Pro are:

  • Simultaneous upload of multiple tracks
  • Supported by visual composer
  • Thoroughly tested on more than 150 themes

And more. Apart from these two premium plugins, four more free plugins are available that will improve the overall aesthetics of your site. The free plugins offered by CSSIgniter are:

  • GutenBee: Blocks for WordPress editor
  • ElementsPlus!: Modules for Elementor
  • MaxSlider: Slider plugin
  • Audio Igniter: Music player plugin


cssigniter and plugins pricing review

One of the best advantages that you get on CSSIgniter is the pricing of the theme. Whether you design sites as a freelancer or have a firm of yours.

CSSIgniter has some of the best packages for your varying requirements. CSSIgniter basically offers themes in four types of packages with varying prices.

Single theme

This theme package contains only one theme with lifetime usage. The updates related to the theme can be freely accessed for one year. In case of any query, premium support is also offered for one year with this theme.

All these features of the particular theme are available at a reasonable price of $49.

Standard package

This package is a bit different from the single theme package. The package contains full access to all the themes for one year. Timely updates and support for one year are also included in the package. Access to all themes is offered at a minimal rate of $69.

Developer package

This package brings a lot of new surprises in it. Along with lifetime usage and access to premium support and updates for one year. This package provides access to all the WordPress themes and plugins.

Plus, it also opens doors to a bunch of Elementor landing page templates. On a bit low side, these features are only available for one year. This package is probably the best for independent website designer like a blogger.

As compared to the value of the standard package, this package comes at an economical price of $89. The developer package is the value for money package.

Lifetime package

The last, best, and grand package in the list is the lifetime package. Above all the packages, this offers you the ability to be the king in site designing.

The difference of the package lies in the access time. Although it is bundled with almost the same set of features as the developer package. The lifetime package is available at $249, which is quite reasonable for lifetime support and updates for the WordPress themes.

You get complete access to the whole library of CSSIgniter themes and plugins. With access to Elementorism and HTML site templates, you can design and develop n number of websites according to your choice.

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Best Collections

One of the pros of CSSIgniter is that they have a vast and beautiful collection of themes. They are equipped with a set of great features that can be used to design whatever sort of site you want.


The support teams at CSSIgniter take active care of their customers. In the support tab of their website, they have various sections for learning how to interact with the WordPress themes and plugins.

The customers can also get support by submitting a support ticket on their forum.

Reasonable Pricing

The best thing about CSSIgniter is its economical prices. Based on the type of package you choose, it offers various benefits for over a year.

It includes premium support and lifetime usage, whichever theme you want. Access to the themes may vary based on the type of package. Some packages offer updates and support for a year, whereas some packages provide it for the entire lifetime.


Along with innovative functionality, CSSIgniter themes also have a beautiful and contemporary look. The perfect combination of function and fashion will help you attract user attention to your site and enhance the ROI of your business.


The target of designing a website is to get organic traffic to your site. This factor depends upon the number of users who see your site. The responsive nature of all CSSIgniter WordPress themes let you present your website on a mobile phone.

The availability of the website on the phone helps you in covering the maximum audience as everyone owns a phone these days.


Less number of themes

Although it is not exactly a con, CSSIgniter has a bit fewer themes. Some categories, like restaurant, music, and application, have only four, which might not be a good number of themes to choose from.

Less inbuilt customization options

Apart from less number of WordPress themes in some categories, CSSIgniter also has fewer customization options than those available in the market.


CSSIgniter has a plethora of exciting and ingenious themes in the market. Their journey since the year 2008 has brought them a long way in the niche of WordPress theme development.

The themes offered by CSSIgniter have a way of stimulating the user’s interest, which makes them click that “Buy Now” button. In a nutshell, the CSSIgniter themes are the titans of WordPress themes that provide state of the art functionality at a very affordable price.

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