Have you ever been in a situation where one of your friends did not have your back in a difficult situation? Well, if yes then you should know how your website feels when you decide not to have a backup for all the data that is living on it.

Data is the fuel of the modern world and protecting your data is not only necessary, but it will also help you sustain going in the future.

It is understandable that keeping track of huge amounts of data is not a walk in the park. That is why there are plugins for this purpose available on your WordPress plugin dashboard.

So don’t worry, it is not the doomsday yet. One of the major aspects of this backup is to secure your blogs. Blogging has become necessary today if you want to maintain unique stability and presence in the Internet world.

If you have not stored any website data until now, first apologize to your website and then follow this article to know about the best WordPress backup plugins.

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best free wordpress backup plugin
Powered by iThemes your first savior is one of the most popular backup plugins available to date. What we like about it most is it’s an easy working process. You can schedule the backups easily for daily, weekly or monthly (don’t go for a monthly backup, have some mercy on your data).

  • Install and Setup:after installing and activating it from WordPress, you can easily set it up and BackupBuddy will start operating within minutes of this process. You need to fill out a form for explaining everything to the software how and when to begin your website backup. After that, it will take care of everything else. The first step will be to execute one backup for the whole website. After this, the backup sequence will continue as scheduled.
  • Storage: There are five mediums to store your backup when you are operating one of the best WordPress backup plugins. These are Stash, Amazon S3, DropBox V1 (Legacy), DropBox V2 (new) and Email. If you want to work with Stash and are a previous user of BackupBuddy, you will get up to 1GB of free storage.
  • Pricing: The subscriptions of BackupBuddy are available in three options. There is the blogger plan for $80, the Freelancer plan for $127 and the Gold plan for $199. With the gold plan, you can back up an unlimited number of sites.
  • Other impressive features: This is not a simple backup tool. BackupBuddy can help you with migrating your website, changing hosts and servers, cloning your WordPress and protect your data with the Malware scan.

UpDraft Plus

updraftplus wordpress backup plugin
If you want to work with the most tried and tested and the best WordPress backup plugins, Updraft Plus is the way to go. The sheer customer directory working with this plugin makes it a good companion for all your backup and data restore purposes.

  • Install and Setup:The first step is always difficult, isn’t it? With Updraft Plus you need to select the type of backup that you want to score. There is a complete or manual method to start with. Go for a complete backup initially and then schedule backups. I don’t think you can trust yourself with manual backups.
  • Storage: Apart from allowing you to conduct auto-restores, Updraft Plus has the highest number of options when it comes to storage mediums. There is an Updraft Plus Vault, then you can also choose from Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Rackspace, Google Cloud, Azure, FTP, Open Stack, BackBlaze, Email and whatnot. You are getting confused, right? Let’s move on.
  • Pricing:There are two subscription plans available for another one of the best WordPress backup plugins. The Updraft Plus premium plan will cost you $42 per year, and it will give you access to all the add-ons and up to 1GB of Updraft vault storage. More importantly, the UpDraft Gold plan is priced at $399/year. It’s a bit high but with great price comes greater services. You can use it for an unlimited number of websites, and the data storage limitations increase up to 50 GB.
  • Other impressive features:Updraft Plus is a friendly plugin, meaning this it will let you restore your backup even if you have used some other backup plugin. It also has an in-built language translator.


valutpress wordpress backup restore plugin
Do you know that VaultPress was developed by one of the co-founders of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg? No, this does not mean that you will get a discount if you are hosting on WordPress.

VaultPress does require a high operating cost, but the benefits far outweigh the price factor. There are some distinct features like video hosting that makes it one of the best WordPress backup plugins.

  • Install and Setup:This is one those kind of best WordPress backup Plugins where you can follow setup and forget method. VaultPress does everything on its own, all you need to do is schedule the backups and then forget about it. But not when there is a problem, the age of AI has still not come, so you need to solve your problems on your own.
  • Storage: VaultPress will only allow you to save the backup on their Automattic Servers. Automattic is the organization behind VaultPress. The sequential backups are saved on their servers from where you can retrieve when the need arises. The best thing is that your backup is secure.
  • Pricing: For this, you need to know that you have to secure a Jetpack subscription to use VaultPress. Earlier VaultPress worked as an individual entity, but due to its association with Automattic, VaultPress also operates through Jetpack. The Jetpack Personal Pack has limited features and will cost $39/year. There are two business plans, the Jetpack Premium requires $99/year subscription cost, and the Jetpack Professional plan is priced at $299/year. The real difference lies in the backup archive. With premium and personal pack, you can only have a 30-day backup archive, whereas the professional plan has an unlimited backup archive.
  • Other impressive features: VaultPress has spam defense and will not allow hackers and malware agents to attack your website, in turn, protecting you from instances like data theft and hacking.

Back WPup

BackWPup wordpress backup to onedrive
Another efficient backup tools for WordPress users. One of the reasons why this is the best WordPress backup plugins is because it is free to use. And that is why for the beginners, this kind of backup plugin is a good choice. It is simple to operate and does a perfect job.

  • Install and Setup: You can install BackWPup from the plugin dashboard from your WordPress dashboard. After installation, follow the simple steps and set up your backup schedule.
  • Storage:There are two options for this WordPress backup plugin. The best option is to use cloud storage services or also create a separate backup folder on your personal computer. Once you set the backup schedule, it will back up all the data in an automated sequence regularly.
  • Pricing:The good thing is that its free version has enough features and perks to let the users enjoy all the necessary beginner benefits. Added to this there are different premium versions of Back WPup. These start from a standard plan costing $69/year and the last premium plan some special perks and services will cost you $349/year.
  • Other Impressive Features:it allows you to encrypt backups and also restore the encrypted versions of your previous backups.

BoldGrid Backup

BoldGrid best wordpress backup plugin
yet another best WordPress backup plugin BoldGrid Backup is famous for its operational convenience. With BlodGid Backup is it easy to migrate your website with all your data still protected.

  • Install and Setup: You need to create a backup schedule after installation immediately. The sole purpose of this backup plugin is to give you freedom from the backup and restoration worries. BoldGrid Backup has a failsafe. During updates, if your website crashes, it will automatically restore to the previous version and also protect all the data simultaneously.
  • Storage: There are two options for storing the backup. One is that you can save it on the WordPress dashboard. But there is a limitation of 10 backup archives. After this, you have the option to store your backup on cloud platforms, like Amazon S3, FTP or SFTP.
  • Pricing: after the free version there is only one premium plan for BoldGrid Backup. It will cost $60/year and packs the whole punch of features BoldGrid has to offer.
  • Other Impressive Features:It will also protect your website from various threats and also lets you back up individual and separate files from the whole haystack of your data.


Here we are with another answer to questions for new bloggers. A couple of these plugins are very comprehensive, and they require a bit of experience using WordPress.

So, before you chose one of these best WordPress backup plugins, make sure that your WordPress and blogging experience is in sync with the plugin. In the initial stages go for the free subscriptions and when you require more features and functions from your plugin then only buy the premium versions.